Custom Made Service Dog Vest and Equipment Custom Made Service Dog Vests and Equipment Custom to fit your dog and you chose patches and color
  • Personal Idea Design Vest


    This vest is  monogrammed with whatever lettering and condition you may have however you want it worded.  We can put it on any color fabric,  and not just embroider and monogrammed your dog's name at the top, we can also monogram whatever lettering you want like on this vest.  We also make custom patches if you would rather have that.

          This first is for people who may have things like epilepsy,  I neurological disorder,  Lost limb or neuropathy .  In other words ,  A vest that must be specially monogrammed that would not take an average patch and let people know how to help you with your issue and I always put pockets on these so they can be emergency medication or emergency information in the zipper and I monogram that also on the pocket so you must know that that will be no extra charge  for a pocket or any extra embroidery since this is a specialty vest and  expensive us anyway.

     This list is designed for the person who wants something unique in either color lettering patches or for their dog and specific. Any color fabric can be obtained upon request .