Custom Made Service Dog Vest and Equipment Custom Made Service Dog Vests and Equipment Custom to fit your dog and you chose patches and color
  • Custom Made Service Dog Vests

    Please read requirements in description

    QUESTIONS: (916) 955-5641, don't hesitate to call if uncertain about measurements, colors or how we work, for we want to answer any questions you may have at all about our products. We also wish to offer any advice or education you may need. Including advice on what patch choices would best fit your disability including letting the public know your dog is a working dog, yet have discretion in your choice of patches with wording to best respect your privacy, yet informing the public you require your dog to have legal public access. We want to help you with every aspect of getting the appropriate vest for your service dog. Custom made to fit your dog. You choose the color, and you have the choice of which patches you want for your vest. 

    Patch choices:

    "STAR OF LIFE" (Mandatory comes with price of vest)

    "Dog's Name Monogrammed" at top





     "PTSD Service Dog" 

     "DO NOT PET" 

     ''ASK TO PET"


    Measurement Requirements

    Girth: Behind front legs, full circumference around shoulders and chest
    Half Girth: Behind front elbow over the shoulders to the other elbow
    Belly: Back of front elbow to belly: back of front elbow under to the other elbow
    Chest: Straight across
    Neck: Neck to base of tail
    Breed: Dog breed


    And we require all vests to get the medical "Star of Life" patch, for we are a vest company for people with a diagnosis from a doctor. We do not make therapy dog vests. Our vests are custom made for the dogs of individuals who have a legitimate medical/psychiatric disability, and the need for a service dog for their condition. We don't require a doctor's documented diagnosis out of respect for medical privacy, but we do ask if you have had a medical doctor diagnose you with a condition that a service dog would be beneficial to the of the person, or if you are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces who requires a service dog. Veterans are not asked if a doctor has diagnosed them with anything at all, just as people who have a doctor that has a condition a doctor diagnosed to ensure the client's privacy. Both reasons we take at your word, and we accept no responsibility if you are using a service dog vest on a pet if your dog is not a legitimate service animal. Out of respect for your privacy, we take your word. However, we ask you remain honest with us in return for our trust in you. The system continues to fall prey to people who abuse the rights of the disabled, and we ask that you do not use us as a vessel to further abuse the rights of legitimately disabled people who need the federal laws to protect them. Abuse of rights leads to the abuse of disabled citizens. We ask you to consider this deeply, as most vests purchased on line can clearly be detected as scams. 

          We wish to serve the people who need a service dog vest for their dog at a fair price with highest quality.