Custom Made Service Dog Vest and Equipment Custom Made Service Dog Vests and Equipment Custom to fit your dog and you chose patches and color

How We Got Started

We began as just as ordinary people who had a service dog due to a person in our family having a disability. After years of having other people make vests for the dog of our loved one, we found it difficult to get a vest that fit our dog which remains unusual among the breeds generally used as service dogs. Our loved one has an endocrine disorder which deems her too weak at times to care for a larger dog. Learning that hearing impaired had success with Pembroke Welsh Corgis, we obtained one, and we had success in training it to fit the endocrine alert needs of our loved one.

None the less, we continued to face the dilemma of discrimination due to her dog's appearance, yet still wanting to maintain her privacy. Finally, after years of paying large amounts of money which disabled people usually don't have just to get vests that fit her endocrine dog that alerts her when her condition becomes dangerous,  we decided to custom make our own with the patches that let people know she needs a service dog for her medical condition. However, it does not blatantly give her diagnosis written on her dog's vest. She has a "Star of Life" patch to let people know her condition remains medical, but the wording also respects her medical privacy.

After making our own vests for her dog, and his predecessor as she grew out of her "in training" vest into her full fledged service dog vest after she went through professional training and became certified, we wanted to help other disabled people. Therefore, we decided to take our lower cost vests to other people with disabilities who need one, but cannot afford the price of the many scams for service dog vests on-line. 

This remains the reason why we don't offer phony certification which the law does not even require, we require the medical Star of Life on all vests since we insist that all orders be only for people who have been diagnosed by a medical doctor with a medical condition. And people who could benefit from a service dog. Our clients may choose the breed that best fits their particular disability. Still, we reinforce the issue that we don't make vests for companion or therapy dogs. We ask for no documentation, but we do expect our clients to remain honest, for in the event their dog is not sterilized, trained, in training or they have not been diagnosed by a medical doctor, we remain exempt from anything they or their dog may do that is unlawful. We always hold the right to hold them legally responsible if they are not telling us the truth. None the less, we can help the honest people who need dogs, and we may offer them a vest that remains appropriate for their needs at a reasonable price.

We want to offer a service that did not exist when we first had need for a service dog in our family. We hope our product will help many people with many different kinds of disabilities that may not be openly noticeable for many years to come.